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I have been trying to find a good web site that has good info on Hop varities and selecting hops to suit your beer style . Any good sites that you know?

Cheers Leigh.

Lord Raja Goomba I

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Ferny Grove, Brisbane
Excellent chart, that one.

Seriously, for on topic - craftbrewer's website is reasonable, and then wikipedia. Google search does me.

But like @tilt said - some good old fashioned search and read - this forum is easily the best source of info - the main reason is that CB, wikipedia, etc use "business" style descriptions but the members of this forum use far more qualitative factors and give a context for those factors.

For instance, I'll say "Nelson Sauvin is fantastic at 10 minutes, but I find its bittering a little harsh compared to some other varieties. But at 10 minutes grape and gooseberry really come through and fantastic flavour" (Big Nath will say the same). Some others will both denegrate Nelson Sauvin, but will at least give you a reason why. You then have a bucketload of qualitative information which both allows you to decide if to buy it and then how to use it.

A little harder - there isn't a <insert answer here> method, but far more rewarding and far more informative over a long term amateur brewing career.



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Mate - thats fantastic - its going straight to the brewshed that one!
Same here, might re-draw it and make a bigger one, cheers cocko

Nick JD

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Can't go past the BJCP.

As you can see, from the style guide, you can gleen enough information to formulate a recipe...

2B. Bohemian Pilsener

Aroma: Rich with complex malt and a spicy, floral Saaz hop bouquet. Some diacetyl is acceptable, but need not be present. Otherwise clean, with no fruity esters.

Appearance: Very pale gold to deep burnished gold, brilliant to very clear, with a dense, long-lasting, creamy white head.

Flavor: Rich, complex maltiness combined with a pronounced yet soft and rounded bitterness and flavor from Saaz hops. Some diacetyl is acceptable, but need not be present. Bitterness is prominent but never harsh, and does not linger. The aftertaste is balanced between malt and hops. Clean, no fruity esters.

Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied (although diacetyl, if present, may make it seem medium-full), medium carbonation.

Overall Impression: Crisp, complex and well-rounded yet refreshing.

History: First brewed in 1842, this style was the original clear, light-colored beer.

Comments: Uses Moravian malted barley and a decoction mash for rich, malt character. Saaz hops and low sulfate, low carbonate water provide a distinctively soft, rounded hop profile. Traditional yeast sometimes can provide a background diacetyl note. Dextrins provide additional body, and diacetyl enhances the perception of a fuller palate.

Ingredients: Soft water with low mineral content, Saaz hops, Moravian malted barley, Czech lager yeast.
Vital Statistics:
1.044 - 1.056 1.013 - 1.017 35 - 45 3.5 - 6 4.2 - 5.4%

Commercial Examples: Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser Budvar (Czechvar in the US), Czech Rebel, Staropramen, Gambrinus Pilsner, Dock Street Bohemian Pilsner

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