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Homebrew system for sale.

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I am moving to Canada at the end of the year and am working as a brewer professionally so I don't really have the extra time or want to home brew at this stage. What is for sale is listed below with pictures to follow. Keep in mind I have not actually brewed in some time so a seal or two may need replacing in the quick disconnects. Everything works perfectly otherwise. I am looking to sell everything as a package and will do it for a good price, however I don't want to just give it away.

3 vessel system made from 50L kegs
- 3 temp gauges
- 2 heating elements on HLT
- 1 Temp controller
- 30cm false bottom
- 2 keg king pumps
- 3 stainless ball valves
- all stainless quick disconnects
- keg king burner with regulator
- stainless heat exchange coil
- power board
- stand
- 2 hoses (i recommend taking the disconnects off these and buying some that are more flexible.)
- 4 or 5 hoses, again with stainless quick disconnects on the ends.

As for fermenters etc I have the following for sale
- 10x 5gallon glass carboys
- bungs to match, I cannot remember how many I have
- 1x fermentasaurus never used
- 1x kegmenter only used a few times
- bottle capper
- 1x bottle filler to come off a kegerator tap or keezer tap

The kegs in the picture have been sold to someone already


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