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Home brew kit and bits with coopers extracts

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by shuesmek, 6/7/18.


  1. shuesmek

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    Posted 6/7/18
    Hey guys, selling some of my gear. Got into home brewing not to long ago and at the time I went on a brew spree buying everything I saw ( too excited) now planning to move to all grain I need some money to do so, and listing the following items and asking for $60
    If interested please pm me or message me on here, I am located in the parramatta area in Sydney.

    x1 30L fermenter with air lock system
    x1 box coopers 740ml x15 bottles (used, always washed and sanitised)
    X15 coopers sealed caps for the bottles
    x1 coopers Real ale extract kit
    x1 coopers Mexican cerveza extract kit
    x1 brogalow dextrose 1kg
    x1 csr brown sugar 1kg (was going to try this with the cerveza kit
    x1 brigalow 5g brewing yeast
    x1 brigalow 10g finishing hops
    1x coopers carbonation drops

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