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i was at a tackle store a few days ago and i looked at one of there 30L crab cookers. i was thinking i could make a manual braumiester out of it.

it comes with a 30L alloy pot and a drilled insert for the crays,crab and marron or any other seafood that is only good for bait :p. i cant eat crustaceans so they are only bait for me.

now i could set the drilled insert with a coth bag... maybe my burnt grain bag. add a tap to the pot and some holes for a temp gauge too. then get some stainless steel from the model shop and i have the cradle to allow the wort trapped in the grains still to drain.. i have the 3 ring burner too...

only thing would be modulating the temp for the mash... or i could just wrap it like i do know...

hmm ponderings while look at fishing gear.....