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Hey Guys,
I have made a few Dr. Smurto's Golden Ale and it has always come out ok.
The last one tho won't go below 1.025. Started at 1.055 from memory.The only difference was that I started the mash at 76 C but cooled it down with water to 65 for the hour mash,finished about 62.
25 litres of this was fermented with saved slurry of us-05 and 10 litres was put onto a just finished yeast cake.
The 25 litres started fermenting ok and stopped after3 days and after 3 weeks it was at1.025.Gave it a shake and left a few days and still at 1.025. next thing I put a fresh satchel of us-05 in and after another 9 days it is still 1.025.
It looks,smalls and tastes good,maybe a bit sweet,but I am going to keg it in the next day or so and drink it anyway.Too good to chuck out.
The mystery is why won't it go down lower? Is it because of the higher temperature at start of mash?
It's been in the fermenter frige @18 deg for over a month now.
Both batches have the same FG.

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