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Ville Du Towns ,very sunny Qld
Hi there brew masters.
Ian here from Port Macquarie.
Mad keen on brewing but self limited to kits (unless you can persuade me otherwise)
I've been brewing for about 10 years, which started when I was living (for way too long) in England. The land of the real pint (one of very few things I miss about the place! .... and the price) so you can imagine what some of my favourite beers are.
It's good to be back on home soil though.
I'm missing some of the kit that I was forced to leave behind (ain't divorce a bummer) but really enjoying finding out about what's available here.
The warmer temperatures have even persuaded me to start racking (not tried any racked brews yet, so my jury is still out)
There's always 100 litres or so in production here, including a ginger beer which the Mrs loves and some form of English bitter.
Favourite local brew is Coopers Pale Ale, splendid stuff especially when not overly cold.
That's me.

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