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HI. Long time looker ect. Previous loged on as KevR. Tried to log on. No go, wrong password ? So i went through the lost password thing. Didn't work. Tried the contact us with this message.
"Can't log in, get a message of wrong password. Tried to reset the password but the log in will not except the password you sent."
Hit the send button. Back came the message, That email already exists please log on and contact support!!! :wacko:
Tried to open a new account but because my email is linked to the old account it failed.Got Please log on using existing email. :huh:
Tried to contact the moderators from the link at the bottom of the page, no go need to be loged on to do that ARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
Not to be denied i went through the process of creating a new email (ages on hold & trying to understand someone from god knows were). Opened a new account user name KevinR with the new email address. At last im'e in :)
It's easier to get access to the ASIO! than this site.
My aim is all grain brewing should be a breeze after what i've just been through!
Just as well i have a sence of humor. Hope you all get a laugh
For christ sake don't lose your password.


PS I installed anti tracking software.Maybe the problem. There are 2 trackers with this site, google analytics and open X,what they are don't know.Open X has somthing to do with adds.Both sites are blocked on my computer.

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