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new brewer from across the ditch popping in to say hi!
Hoping to find some great tips along the way as I haven't brewed for over 20 years and the last time I brewed if it had less than 2 inches of sediment and it didn't kill ya it was a success.
Welcome back to the slippery slope .
Geez it's definitely got a bit more complicated than making horrible tasting gloop.
The wife has big expectations, so let's see how much I can disappoint her this time lol
Ditch the kit yeast . Buy some US-05 or mangrove Jacks or what ever you can get hold of . Dump the dextrose use DME or LME or better still get into the partials . Keep ale temps around 18*C and Lager temps aound the 12*C mark and you will make better beer full stop . Oh sanitise religiously . You could also do a hop tea . Boil some water stick the hops and hot water into a coffee plunger let it sit for around 10 min then chuck it into the fermenter. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm hoppy goodness

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