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Back to brewing after a couple of years off.My son in law restarted himself so we had an outing to our local HBS for supplies.I still had two fermenters from way back and heaps of crown lager bottles that I prefer to bottle in.SIL bought 30 Pet bottles and new fermenter plus kits etc.
The reason for the layoff was like a lot of folks my previous brew tasted shite.
It was a double can high octane Coopers Sparkling Ale and never was good to drink.I drank the bugger anyway for research purposes you understand.Was down checking how the ferment was going on current batch and pulling empty bottles from the cupboard underneath and found 4 bottles unopened of the shitty brew.Of course I tried one and it was really,really good.
Always try to leave in bottle for 3 months but 2 years seems better.!!!!!!!!!
Had a great pickup yesterday from Ebay.Poor seller had the same issue in that he bought the gear and his first brew was bad so gave up.For $38 I got two used once Coopers Micro Brew Kits with 100 pet bottles.Reckon there is $300 worth of goodies from the purchase.My son in law will be gifted 55 pet bottles and a full kit if he wants it.
FYI the archive boxes fit 20 Pet bottles perfectly.

Happy days.


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