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Help with a last-bew-of-year recipe

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Im doing one final brew for this year before the weather goes bad. Here are the hops i need to use up.

26g POR - 8.7%
50g citra - 13.4%
66g cascade - 7.2%
20g vanguard - 5.0%

Looks like a IPA to me. Thing is being a new brewer the only real hop i have that im farmiliar with is cascade.

I'm asking for help as i don't know the relative flavours or the strength of the other hops, (Iv'e clearly been brewing with them but i'm waiting for the beer to mature before drinking)

Could someone suggest me a hopping schedule where i am going to taste a nice mixture of all this? (i'm thinking maybe a 30 min boil to offset the realistically low-ish amount of hops for a IPA)

Preferably with the cascade in the back, i have enough cascade heavy beers already.

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