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Noble Park, Vic
Hi All,

This post doesn't really fit in any of the categories LOL. This week I've rekindled my interest in brewing. Previously (8 years ago) I was all grain brewing and thoroughly enjoying home crafted beers. Then we started a family and it seemed selfish to continue spending so much time and mental attention on brewing....

The current passion all started with me searching for a programming language (bear with me lol). I searched for and found the Duinomite Mega mini computer (Arduino compatible) and figured why not put it to real world use.... *thinks for a few hours* ah-ha! Good excuse to start brewing again.

So I find myself on the brew ladder again.

Firstly I don't EVER want to bottle again!!!! Except for the odd one to share with mates etc.... So I'm thinking bulk prime, rack to 5L keg. Top up with CO2 as required. Opinions?

My first major project is the kettle. My old 200L one was always too large, and I drink far less these days so I'm happy to aim for a standard 22-23L setup. So an automated kettle is in order. Hop dispensor/s, temp control chiller (CF, plate, other???). This is where the programming and computer control comes in :) More opinions please????

So I'll be aiming at a couple of extract brews to get me back into the thick of things.

Anyway............. this is basically a "hello" and I will ask more specific questions as they arise.

Cheers everyone, I look forward to re-immersing myself into all that is brewing :)

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