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Harvesting Turbo Yeast

Discussion in 'Yeast' started by Andy Cap, 12/5/18.


  1. Andy Cap

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    Posted 12/5/18
    Hi, blah blah blah ......
    So cutting to the point, has anyone attempted to harvest Turbo Yeast?
    I began my addiction, yellow brick road, what ever you wish to call it with Turbo yeast, it came with a bad taste and a lot of filtering.
    I was quickly converted to a sugar wash with tomatoe paste. Had me satisfied for almost a year now.
    Digging though my cupboard, I came across a discarded Turbo yeast pack.
    I had an empty fermenter; so what ever, kicked her in the guts.
    After smashing the sugar wash for the past year, I was once again pleasantly surprised with the output of the Turbo.
    I have been using K1-V1116. aka - Terminator, with my sugar wash, with pleasant results.
    I don’t empty my fermenters completely, just empty them to the last few inches, and top them up again. No need for extra yeast addition, as I mentioned, it’s been about a year. . .
    Getting back on track....
    I used the Turbo I found in the cupboard,
    And after the first output, I used the lees, added tomatoe paste as I have with the “terminator “ and I am now getting 2x the output that I was getting from K1-V1116
    At this point, I was using the left over nutrients, as we all know Turbo is well over fed, but to my knowledge ‘the terminator ‘ was the highest alcohol producing yeast.
    Anyone have something to share???
  2. hoppy2B

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    Posted 16/5/18
    There is yeast out there that will surpass 20% alcohol production. K1 is said to go to 18%. Turbo yeast as I understand it is a brand name and therefore not quantifiable against any benchmark, ergo, the different Turbo yeast strains will have different specifics.

    This is mostly a beer brewing forum, so we don't have a lot of moonshine discussion on here. And I think most brewers on here would frown upon the idea of using their ferment vessel for a whole year without cleaning it, if that is what you are saying above.

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