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Hi Guys,

Started brewing about 6 months ago now. Something i've put off for years, and now wish i'd got into sooner.

Kegging from the get go.
I've done a few 5L all grain batched on the stove that I thought were the best beers i've ever had. I've mostly been an aussie lager imbiber but these AG brews are something else.
Tried a 23L extract kit that was a failure.. then I learned about temp control, i'm in SW NSW at the moment so 35-40C days play havoc, no matter ow dark you room is. I slipped a fermentasaurus into a fridge with an inkbird attached and tried another extract kit, dry hopped it and it was great beer. Bit of an afteretaste if you drank 3 or more schooners though.
I can see the bottom line here is get into AG and stick with it. I'm tossing around which way to go, as I have a business that could benefit from an on-site micro brewpub.. real micro like 200L. At first, I was thinking jump on a single vessle to learn the way (and while I have 2 babies and a 6 y/o terrorising me), then move onto a 3VHerms.. don't know.. still figuring that one out.
In the meantime i'm about to drop a White IPA AGK into the 'saurus from All in brewing.. see how it goes compared to the can kits.

Anyways thanks for having me on here, already learned a pant load on these forums. Hopefully one day I'll show off my brewpub to y'all.