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Golden Fleece Bowser Fridges

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3 Golden Fleece bowser fridges
The perfect gift for the bloke who has everything...........
See them here... Beer and Bowsers

Wayne 605 Duo Bowser - (1 of)
Cabinet behind display door for glasses and spirits
Modified fridge to fit wholly inside bowser cabinet with rear door fitted.
New compressor and fan cooled condensor.
19 Litre keg, perfect for home brew or soft drink or even commercial beer.
CO2 fire extinguisher for gas - no yearly BOC bills and is cheap to refill.

2 Restored Wayne 605's - (One Duo pump and one single pump)
New 140 Litre bar fridge - Cabinet behind display door for glasses / spirits.
The ram and fuel type display lights are on a timer and can be switched independant of the fridge power.
$3500 each

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