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Gold Coast Amateur Brewing Competition 2019

Discussion in 'Competitions & Results' started by elronalds, 22/4/19.


  1. elronalds

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    Posted 22/4/19
    Announcing the 2019 Gold Coast Amateur Brewing Competition organised by The Gold Club. This event is setup as a reminder for entrants and for judges / stewards that are interesting in attending on the day. Burleigh Brewing isn't open to the public for this event. Judging will be held on 8 June 2019 at Burleigh Brewing.

    2019 Prizes

    Champion Brewer
    - Pro-Am collaboration beer with Black Hops (brew your beer commercially with a collab beer), Beer Co. grain pack, liquid yeast plus more. Champion brewer is the highest average over 3 beers, must enter 3 beers to be eligible.
    Champion Beer (Highest Scoring Beer) - SS Brewtech Stainless Brewmaster Brew Bucket 7 from Newera Brewing
    1st Place Category Winner - 25kg sack of grain (sponsored by Cryer Malt and The Gold Club)
    2nd Place Category Winner - $25 Hoppy Days Voucher and 1 x White Labs Liquid Yeast
    3rd Place Category Winner - 1 x White Labs Liquid Yeast

    Online Entry
    Website is available now at and this a BJCP sanctioned competition.

    Online registration is now open and ready for judges, stewards, and brewers. Beers can be registered online at for $5 / entry for beers payable online, no brewer registration fees.

    Beer drop off will be available at various venues from Monday 27 May 2019 at the Burleigh Brewing warehouse. More details on that to follow. Please contact myself directly for further details or if you are interested in shipping entries and we can make further arrangements.


    Facebook Event:
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