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Giveaway: Keg Fridge

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Seaforth, NSW
Hey Guys, I updated my keg fridge so am giving away my old fridge ( or a few of your finest batch).
So if you want to get into kegging, here is a great place to start.
Fits 4 kegs in it. Has 3 holes pre-drilled in the front for taps and one in the side for the gas lines.
I had a wooden board in the base to take the weight of the kegs, but am using that for the new fridge.
Also has a freezer inside that is perfect for holding the hops plus any extra items.
Perfect accessory for your garage (not pretty enough for inside the house).
( Note there are some screw holes near the top of the door where I did mount a dual reg assembly that isn't pictured)
Note, this is fridge only, no taps, lines gas manifolds, drip tray etc.
Holes can also be filled with space filler and then use fridge as fermentation fridge.

Pickup this weekend in Seaforth, NSW. PM for phone number and address to organise.


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