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Hi guys,

I need a special regulator and fitting. It is not for brewing but you guys love your gas so I figured I might try here.

I need a regulator for compressed air/nitrogen, the catch is that my compressed air and nitrogen lines only provides me with a barbed outlet and I cannot modify this.
As such I need a regulator that has a barbed inlet (where the tank is supposed to go) and barbed outlet.
Does anyone know where I can buy something like this, or know anyone that could lathe up a gas-thread to barb fitting so I could achieve the same goal?

Also, the regulator needs to be special on the low pressure side, as in 0-5psi range, with a fair degree of play (needle valve style) for sensitive adjustment. (0.1psi increments perhaps?)

If anyone knows any way I can achieve this goal, i'd love to hear from you.



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