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Hi all,

I've got a freezer which holds 8 kegs all gassed up through a 6-way manifold and some john guest splitters. The tubing I got from Craftbrewer 8mm OD, 5mm ID. Unfortunately the lines are all over the place and it's getting annoying when removing empty kegs, putting new ones in or just shifting them around. Shown in this post http://www.aussiehomebrewer.com/forum/inde...st&p=694027

I'm planning on changing some of the lines so I can add in allowance for 4 lines split into 8 for having 8 kegs at serving pressure, 1 line for the CPBF, 1 line split into 2 with an aspirator for having 2 kegs with 2 beer engines. At the same time I want to clean all the lines so they are out of the way of the kegs. What I want to do is run the lines so that they are secured to the collar but they don't seem flexible enough to do the bends I want especially coming out from the manifold as the valves are pointing directly down. I'm thinking of switching to vinyl tubing which is alot more flexible (and seem to be the tubing of choice for the yanks) but wonder if the john guest fittings will work. Anybody using vinyl for the gas lines?


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