Gang Nab 25,000 Carry-out

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All I can say is I hope it was Czech Bud and not US Bud.


Trailer load of beer stolen

By Rod Mills

CROOKS made off with one of the biggest carry-outs in Scots criminal history after they stole a trailer full of 31,000 bottles of Budweiser beer.

The lorry load of lager vanished from a locked yard on an industrial estate.

Police are asking anyone offered any of the 1300 cases of Bud at knockdown prices to come forward.

The trailer was towed away from a yard outside Direct Clothing, in Kelvin Industrial Estate in East Kilbride.

Police have described the booze raid as 'a well-planned operation'.

Detectives believe the gang knew exactly what they were doing when they stole the 40-ton load.

A driver parked it in the locked yard on Friday, July 30, leaving it for the weekend ready for another driver to collect it on Monday, August 2.

On the Monday, the second driver found the yard gate had had a new lock fitted. And when he managed to get in, he found the trailer was gone.

It was found abandoned in Shotts, Lanarkshire.

Barry De Burgh, a spokesman for hauliers Ken Abram, of Lancashire, who own the trailer, said: 'Either someone's been very lucky or this was a very well organised crime. When there's a theft from one of our trailers, it's normally a slashed curtain on the lorry and a case taken off the back.

'But this is a very different kind of theft.

'All I can say is whoever took it is going to be having a very big hangover.'

Mr De Burgh said the trailer contained stock that was being transferred between a Budweiser depot in London and one outside Shotts.

He said he was unable to put an exact value on the haul but it is thought to be worth around 25,000 on the wholesale market.

He added: 'We've never had a problem like this happening in Scotland before. It's quite worrying.'

Detective Constable Alan Sommerville, of East Kilbride CID, who is leading the investigation, said: 'We are very anxious to speak to anyone who has any information on this theft.

'We would ask anyone who has been offered cases of cut-price Budweiser bottles to get in touch.'

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