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Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by Bbowzky1, 11/7/19.


  1. Bbowzky1

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    Posted 11/7/19
    G'day ladies n gents,

    I have some fruits of my labour for sale

    4x GP/Citra SMaSH (designed for 5lt dilution)
    1.064 @ 20lt
    1.052 @ 25lt
    40g Citra dry hop kit
    15g US-05 (repackaged from 500g brick) Cost $36 of ingredients (each)

    4x Falconers Flight IPA (designed for high gravity ferment, though could dilute for less IBU and lower ABV, e.g. +5lt water ~ OG 1.056)
    1.068 @ 20lt
    40g FF & 20g Citra dry hop kit
    2x 15g US-05 (repackaged from 500g brick) Cost $43 for ingredients (each)

    (Cubes actually hold around 23lt)

    Will sell for $43 and $53 (each) respectivly to cover cost of ingredients, plus some pocket money for time and utilities.

    Hopefully they sell and I can keep making more variety.

    If only the cubes were cheaper, @$7 each makes the cubes all of a sudden dearer :(

    At least it's still cheaper then LHBS, comes with hop kits and yeast too ;)

    Not looking to make a living from it, just a way to help me to turn over stock and keep the brews up, getting a vaster variety of flavours on offer.

    I've got my cube of each flavour so I'm happy haha

    Pick up Melbourne northern suburbs is preferred. Cragieburn area, other meeting locations may be arranged???

    Discounts if multipuls purchased, also discount applied if hop kits and or yeast not wanted.

    Cheers Happy brewing

    (Ps I'd post pics but this forum seems way to difficult to do that)

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