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FS Newcastle - 120-160L electric 3v herms

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Newcastle, Australia
Time to downsize due to time and space constraints, very hesitant to sell but have decided I am not enjoying it as much as I used to. I picked up a smaller 1v and it is much easier for me to manage with the kids etc.

2 x 130L and a 170 stainless pots all bottom draining. Custom stainless false bottom in mash tun
Massive custom hop basket
Stainless hex coil in the hlt
3 x March pumps (plus a big nano pump unused)
Electric ball valves 3 way and 2 way
Tri clover fittings
Control panel with bcs 460 controller and relevant temp probes
4 heating elements totalling 8kw in both hlt and bk
For the specifics on power requirements we would need to discuss but it essentially runs off 2 separate hard wired circuits
30 plate chiller
All on a custom stainless bench top with heavy duty castors

Happy to discuss or demo the brewery with any serious interested parties. It knocks out 120L or can make 160L if you no chill and dilute when pitching.

I won’t split parts, I have plenty of spare parts and extra bits and pieces to clear out with it.

I put about a year in to building it and about 10k, looking to recoup 6k or a trade plus cash on a 50L braumeister.


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