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FS [Melb] Panel Adaptors & related equipment

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I have 10 x 6" panel adaptor assemblies for sale. All brand new and in excellent condition. I purchased them some time ago to install in a venue that went pear shaped before I could start the job.
  • 6" stainless panel adaptor to take 3/4" Snap lock adaptor.
  • 3/4" stainless Snaplock adaptor.
  • Safety nozzle for 6.35mm x 9.5mm nylon beer tube.
  • All necessary nuts and washers and gaskets.
$80 each - This is just a little over 1/2 the list price at Lancer where I bought them. I will not split parts from the assemblies, however if purchaser needs Lock in, Pin lock etc. adaptors instead of snaplock, these panel extensions will take any of the widely available 3/4" adaptors on the market.

Prefer collection from inner Northern subs in Melb, but can post at purchaser's expense.


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