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FS: March 815PLC magnetic drive pump with hoses ($250, SYD)

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For sale is a March 815PLC magnetic drive pump typically used for brewing. It is rated as foodsafe at high liquid temperatures.
I found this pump an absolute dream for hot-cubing, but you could use it for a more complex brew rig with recirculating mashes, whirlpooling, etc. Also my back has thanked me a million times over now I don't do any lifting.
This is the 815 model which has more power than 809, with a flow rate of 30L/min and max head of 4.1m.
The magnetic drive means that the output side can be throttled or stopped without stalling the motor and the liquid is fully isolated from the motor.
Comes with a plug wired up, ball valve, stainless steel camlock fittings and two matching silicone hoses (also camlock).
RRP for the pump alone is $400. The fittings and hoses also add up a bit so packaged up makes it easy.
Also posted to gumtree.


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