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The Pope

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My brother in law has just purchased my 4 tap kegerator so he is wanting to sell his single set-up.
It's in good condition (most parts less then 3 months old and has only served 1x keg). Small set-up that fits 2-3 kegs inside...

250L fridge, bit dirty as seen but will scrub up ok. Single tap, gas & beer lines + disconnects 3 months old and only 1 keg use $200
6kg C02 bottle with regulator. 3 months old and only 1 keg use $300
4x corny kegs, 3 unused since purchase (still contain gas from pressure testing) $60ea

Or make an offer on the set-up complete and I'll run it by him...


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The fridge doesn't really suit what I'm after.

The C02 is bigger than I wanted, but that's not altogether a bad thing so it's just a matter of extra cost. The kegs and reg look exactly what I'm after.

Early days though. I'm still at the stage where I'm trying to justify the cost to myself, before I bother trying to justify the cost to my wife. So I'd probably only be tempted by some real bargains.

The only reason I'm writing is because of the lack of response by others and the use of the word 'negotiable'. But in most situations I negotiate to hard and embarass myself!

I'll probably swing through sydney a couple of times in the next few months. Maybe there's something here to work out.

Or maybe I'll hold off for another day....

So if he bought your 4 tap system - did you move up to an 8 tap or something :)


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