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FS: Cubes + Sweet bench table + Free 15L fermenter + Free bottles w. h

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Hi guys,

moving house so looking to offload some less-necessary brew gear. Some for free, some for cheap and thought I would link to my tall wooden dining table which I am selling on gumtree. It's not strictly Homebrew related, but it is handmade so some of you may like it... and I can guarantee it is awesome for drinking beers at.

I'd really like for someone to take the lot in one go to make things easy for me, but will otherwise update this thread with what is available.

If someone is buying stuff, they will get preference for freebies as that seems fair.

All items are pick-up only from Carlingford NSW:

$20 + (a beer or two) and you can grab all of the brewing stuff (not the table) plus anything else I decide to offload between now and then.

  • FREE: Mixed Bottles - mix of stubbies and 500ml + a few 700ml PET. Probably around 40 - 50 total.

    *Some have homebrew in them which you are welcome to drink or tip!

  • $10 - 7 x 750ml Brown Glass Swing-top bottles with new rubber seals. (These have been used a couple of times, but I found a few beers flat, so I replaced the seals. swingtop bottles 2.jpg swingtop bottles.jpg
    PLUS - I'll throw in a couple of used glass growlers - 1.8L

  • $15 - 2 x Cubes in great shape.cubes 3.jpg cube 1.jpg cubes 2.jpg
    1 x 20LBunnings Blue Jerry Can + 1 x 15L Cube used for fresh wort - all kept sanitised and in great shape due to not being used much. I have some neoprene taped to the Jerry Can / cube to attach a temp probe

[*] FREE: 15L Round Fermenter (No pics) - this is a copper tun round (30-35CM) fermenter with an airlock hold and grommet. Awesome if you are brewing smaller batches or have limited space. Airlock not included!

The table:
Handmade Merbau and Tas Oak bench dining table. It is 203cm x 64cm x 93cm tall - made for using stools or high chairs and it is in excellent condition. I don't want to plug up this post with photos of a table, so Check Out the gumtree ad here and SMS me or reply here if interested (SMS is best). Price is Negotiable since I want to get rid of it and it is a heavy mofo, and I would prefer a beer drinker gets it. make sure to let me know you are from AHB if you go via gumtree.

Table 2.jpg

Table 3.jpg

Table 6.jpg


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