FS: 3 Vessel SS electric system, SS conical and parts. $500 ONO. Coffs Harbour NSW

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Full kit of stainless electric 3 vessel brewery, including stainless conical fermenter, March pump, hoses, fittings etc. Comes with camlock fittings. For sale in Karangi (Coffs Harbour area).

$500 or nearest offer for the lot. Can break up and sell separately too. If you’re easy to deal with and come pick it up the offer will be a good one.

- Conical fermenter 14 gallon (53L).

- Mash tun 50L insulated with mesh false bottom and thermometer.

- Electric kettle 50L (hot liquor tank) with sight glass, thermowell and electric element (needs rewiring or replacing).

- Electric kettle 70L with stainless pickup tube, screw thread on side port, electric element.

- March pump- magnetic drive electric transfer pump.

- Silicone hoses (x4) with cam lock fittings.

- Copper heat transfer counterflow chiller.

Sorry couldn’t manage photo uploads here so here is a gumtree ad with photos instead- https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/kar...-brewing-equipment-brewery-winery-/1233191420
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