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Equipment For Sale FS – Kegerator Brisbane

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If it is listed it is available. Location Pullenvale Brisbane

My wife decided she wanted to tidy up the house and got me a Kegland Series X kegerator for Father’s Day. So I have my Kegerator for sale.

The unit is approximately 10 years old and hasn’t missed a beat.

Included (with purchase price in brackets):
  • Fisher & Paykel 215 litre freezer ($400)
  • Wooden Collar & Stain etc ($132)
  • Fan ($9.95)
  • Temperature controller ($125)
  • 4 x Perlick taps, handles, shanks and 4 way manifold ($362)
  • Shank adaptors, Beer and Gas disconnects ($103.50)
  • Beer line and gas lines ($72)
  • Drip Tray ($80)
Total value: $1284.45

All you need to add is a CO2 bottle, regulator and cornies and you are ready to go.

The unit fits four cornies easily on the floor with the hump and space above the cornies free to store other drinks etc.

The insulation job on the collar is professional spec as you can see from the photos but does a really good job of keeping the wooden collar free from condensation.

Price $600