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I've got two fridges up for grabs. One has a freezer too. Both work, but I don't have room for them at my place. Already have two fridges and a chest freezer here. GF would kill me if i added more.
They are located in Cranbourne, Vic, at my dads place. He is moving to QLD so wants them gone ASAP.

First fridge, also has a freezer. This thing gets really cold. With the back plate freezing up if you turn the temp down too low within the fridge. wary of that. Great for cold crashing though!

Second fridge is a big boy. 500L maybe? you would easily be able to fit a 60L fermenter in there. At one stage i used to keep 4 kegs in there. So you could also use it as a storage fridge if you want,

also free, if you want it is an old washing machine. It worked fine when i stored it here 3 years ago, so should still be good.