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For Sale: Vintec Wine Cabinet - 40 Bottles

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Hi everyone!

I'm selling my beloved wine cabinet / fridge / cellar as we've remodelled our kitchen and no longer have space for it.

Its a Vintec V40SG "2e" in almost new condition. It just has a few scuff marks on the side from moves but you have to look hard to see them. Works perfectly.

This is a 2 zone wine fridge, whites up the top and reds down the bottom. You can select temperatures for each zone using the digital controls up front. Also the blue LED lighting can be switched on or off.

This cabinet can be used either free standing or can be built into your kitchen cabinets.

Features triple glazed door (middle layer is acrylic), UV filtered. Adjustable shelves. Maintains temp and humidity.

This is a quality brand, currently Vintec's cheapest 40 bottle cabinet sells for over $1000.

Also included is the original manual plus the hardware needed to switch door hinges to left side.

Asking $270.





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