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For Sale - All Brand New Components to Build 4 Tap Keezer/Kegerator

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Pics and details over on Gumtree

Majority of items required to build your own 4 tap kegerator/keezer (fridge or freezer converted to keg dispense system). All brand new and never used. Reluctant sale as moving to a new house with no room. All quality components only stainless steel parts touch your beer (no chrome plated brass)

Inlcuding below, all brand new and never used:

4 x Perlick 525SS Beer faucet stainless steel

4 x Krome dispense stainless steel shank assembly 4-1/8" length x 1/4" bore

4 x Plastic tap handle, black

4 x Shank barbed tail piece & hex nut, stainless steel, washer and worm drive clamp

4 x Bevlex 200 beer hose 3/16" I.D. x 7/16" O.D. 150cm length, with ball lock keg fitting (clamped on) and stainless steel barbed tailpiece & hex nut fitting (clamped on)

4 x Bevlex 200 gas hose 5/16" I.D. x 9/16" O.D. 180cm length, with ball lock keg fitting (clamped on)

1 x Tesuco CO2 dual output regulator (carbonate with one output, serve with the other)

1 x Gas CO2 Manifold 4-Way, Shutoff Valves, c/w 5 clamps

1 x Krome dispense heavy duty faucet and hex nut wrench

At this stage selling as a complete package.

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