For Sale - ACT - SS Brewtech 53L chronical fermenter with FFTS Temp control system $750

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I'm downsizing to a smaller house and thus a smaller homebrew setup. This is a brilliant stainless steel fermenter from SS BREWTECH, purchased new by me from cheeky peak a few years ago, and well looked after and used to make a good few cracking brews. Also included is the FFTS temperature control system, which includes the massive insulator, immersion chiller, temperature probe and controller and pump. I used an esky as a cold water tank for the pump in summer, I'll chuck this in. Also included is a simple heat band, but it works great underneath the insulating stubbie cooler thing!

Includes temperature probes in the top and front, bottom valve for collecting yeast like the professionals do, all the clamps and fittings. It has two lids, one traditional dome and one that has the immersion cooler. Also included is an attachment to allow for pressurized transfers, so as to never allow oxygenation.


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