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G'day All,

I have previous read the thread covering the purchase of beverage flow control valves from the UK versus Beertech in Perth. I finally recieved my flow control valve in an effort to minimise the amount of CO2 line break-out and make my beer taps more novice user friendly :D .

However - I tested them today and all i achieved was only to generate massive amounts of beer head with no beer in solution and adjusting the flow control valve increased or decreased the rate of 'head flow' :angry:

Interestingly - the valves i have have an arrow from the v-bottom tube facing towards the knurled knob or where the allen key would be inserted to adjust the valve. Hoops's pic posted on the flow control valve actually indicates that the valve is inserted the opposite way :( I phoned Beertech where I purchased the product and they indicated that the beer is to flow in the direction the arrow suggests.

Still after trying different taps inc a pluto beer gun as well as inserting the flow control valve in the opposite direction and still have had no - luck.

The beer I was experimenting with was a wheat beer - carbonated at 260kpa and was 1/4 full. A std beverage 'black' disconnect was used with 8mm beer line cut square to the beer line and stella styled beer tap (please refer to facet nut that was posted mid last month - ps keg systems syd was able to help on that front). The over all length of the beer line would be approx 1.2m long with the flow control valve apprx 10cm from the beer tap. Is this ok???

I would be greatful for any feed back on how everyone else has gone with there flow control valves and if hoops is correct or what I have mentioned is stamped on the valve is the correct way to go. Conversely, does my step-up sound correct. I will hopefully post a couple of pics tomorrow of my setup for AHB's to troubleshoot.

Thanks and regards

Mark WS

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