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I've been lucky to pick up several old kegs from a mate of mine who owns the Outback Brewery in Sydney. I am just in the process of building my first AG brewery and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for what type of fittings I should use to connect the piping to the HLT/HERMS, Mash Tun, etc. I'm planning to make two HLT's, two Mash Tuns, and a spare backup boil kettle out of the kegs as I just scored a 70 litre copper boil kettle with burner. I'm thinking of making two Mash Tuns so that I can use the first runnings of both in the 70 litre boil kettle. Then follows that two HLT's are needed to sparge both Mash Tuns. The spare boil kettle would be to brew a 'lite' beer from the second runnings of the Mash Tuns.
Any advice anyone can offer me will be very appreciated as I don't want to make a mistake drilling the kegs.



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Thats sounds like a mean unit you are building.
I am currently making up a "standard" unit and I know what you mean.
It is hard as you really dont have anything to go on.
I am not rushing mine but thinking long and hard about each part as you are generally buggared if you have got it wrong with s/steel.
I spent half a day recently and went to all the fitting and pipe suppliers in Adelaide to check what is available.
I still have not decided between copper hard plumbing and food grade plastic tube.
There is a good choice of new type fittings available for plastic pipe and you would probably have a bigger choice of suppliers in Sydney than we have over here.
As to where to drill the holes mate, only you know that.
Just plan and then do what you must to achieve the result you want.
Good luck!

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