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First kettle hoppy sour advise

Discussion in 'General Brewing Techniques' started by hairydog, 19/11/19.


  1. hairydog

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    electrical/instrument trades
    Posted 19/11/19
    Gday AHBers,

    Over the weekend I brewed a hoppy sour using 4 kg pils with 0.9kg rolled wheat mashed at 65 which created 20L of 1.050 sour wort,I added lactic acid to reduce the PH to 4.5 and reduced the temperature to 35 deg and added Lactobacillus.2days later the PH was at 3.5 I boiled the wort for 5 min then reduced the temp to 75 and whirlpooled 90 grams of hops for 20 min cooled to 24 deg pumped some oxygen and added 2 VIALS WLP648
    Its been 36 hours without any airlock action or krausen,should I give it more time or maybe add some yeast?
    I have been giving the glass fermentor a shake every 12 hours,any advise from experienced sour brewers would be appreciated.

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