First Cider Brew, Thinking Hybrid

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Hi all,
Just bottled my GB and I'm thinking cider is up next. I don't mind a drier cider but I would prefer something a bit sweeter

I have an apple and a pear kit and I was wondering if anyone has done a half half brew with the kits. I could just use half of each then whack the rest in the freezer until next use couldn't I.
If so the recipe would most likely be as follows:
  • Half half mix of the apple and pear kits
  • 2 liters each of apple and pear juice
  • 1-2 kg of raw suger or dex( or possibly a mix)
  • Whatever yeast I have on hand.
Should I use more juice and what is the thinking on my sugar/dex choice.
Also what if I swapped some of that sugar/dex for LDME or am I just too sleep deprived ATM to be thinking clearly.

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