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James A

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Hi everyone, first time brewer and poster here. Me and a mate made our first attempt at brewing yesterday and went with an all grain BIAB method. It is a bells two hearted ale IPA clone. All went pretty smoothly but we had a few issues.. first, during the mash out the temp was meant to slowly build to 77 degrees over 15 mins but it got up to 90 degrees (our burner seems to be very powerful!) We turned it off and it droped to 77, which we left it at for 10 mins as per the recipe. What effect would you expect (if any) from this?

The other issue was that we ended up with about 15 litres for our 17l cube (we are no chilling) and because we were trying to minimise headspace I think we got quite a bit of trub in the cube. Should I filter when transfering into the fermenter tonight? Should I top it up with tap water to 17l if OG is high? How do you calculate the volume of water addition to hit a specific OG?

It was really fun, and man the aroma of fresh hops in wort is amazing! Any tips appreciated.



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