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Boston Bay Brewery
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Hi GI,
I have one of those units.
Have used it a few times and it works well.
They are no good if you want to bottle condition with the yeast that remains in the brew from the original fermentation as it filters all (or most) of the yeast out.

Whenever someone presents a question re brewing equipment and I am able to answer from experience, I always consider the question in my mind;

"Would I purchase that piece of equipment again?"

In this case the answer would probably be "no"

Its ability to filter is fine but I think there are cheaper ways to filter beer (if you must).
Most I my beers come out pretty clear these days with me paying attention to procedures and details so I dont really use mine much.

I believe that there are cheaper ways to filter beer as has been discussed on this forum and Grumpy's and I am sure that when others read this topic, you will get the info you want.
IMO the biggest cost in filtering is the filters themselves and I have seen washable filters which are available to fit water filter type housings.
These would be much more cost effective than the filter pads that are needed with the bon vino unit.
Couple this with the fact that the bon vino unit has an electric pump and is expensive compared to just using CO2 to push the beer through the filter and I come to the decision that I personally would not buy one again.
I am not suggesting in any way that the units dont work - as I said above - it works well.
I hope this helps,


Collector of beer brewing paraphenalia and general useless equipment. :D

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