Fermentis BE-256 yeast 3 packs with free post $3.99 (BBD SEP22)

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Nick the Knife

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Hi All,

Just thought I'd toss this up - I bought and brewed with these recently - had no issues at all - very quick fermenter, the scouting report is it's incredibly neutral at 16-18c - allow it to go to low 20's and you will get your classic Belgian characteristics (cloves, spice, banana).

I've not tried yet - but fermented at 18c, increasing slightly for a week, 2 weeks total - was done in 7 days or so.

At this price handy to have - and you could pitch all three packs and still come in under the price of a 'new' pack at your LHBS - from what I've read if stored correctly the shelf life of dried yeast is WELL past the BBD from the maker.
Act fast as I can't imagine they'd have too much of it available:


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