Fermentation Very Slow In Final Stages ?

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4 Weeks ago I put down two brews.
Same day, same equipment, same method, same yeast, same water.
Yes different kits (extract all malt brewer) but neither very remarkable or out of the ordinary, all within best by date.
So that's 3.4Kg of liquid malt extract from kit source & nothing else, made up to 23 litres.
Both brews started about the same time, & proceeded to brew with similar levels of activity, as judged by the airlock bubble rate.
Both brews then ceased activity, & I began to wait out the 7 days or so I normally allow to stand.
Then I notice one brew only starts again but very slowly, the airlock bubble rat down at about one per 15 to 30 mins.
After one week I still have one brew that won't complete the process.
Check gravity: one is 1.01 the other (the still active one) is 1.02.
OK clear evidence more time is needed.
One week later again - one still bubbles about every 30 mins & the gravity still reads 1.02 (possibly just a bit lower).
I'm in Queensland & the temp has been in the region 24 to 28.
Well I need to get this going so today I have kegged both brews, the fridge low temp will stop the slo2w fermentation but I may taste a slightly sweeter beer than intended?
In 40 years of brewing I have never seen anything like this.
Anyone any explanation or possible ideas as to why the difference between the brews

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Id say a kitten in the airlock, but seriously 40 years of brewing and you cant get a hydro reading right.

10 points between 1.01 and 1.02, get a little more accurate.

It wouldnt hurt to give a bit more info than different kits - extract all malt brewer. It appears you are brewing with liquid extract, where does the term 'kits' fit in.
Why are they different? light malt, Dark malt, wheat malt????

Same yeast, what yeast?

But to answer your question 'Anyone any explanation or possible ideas as to why the difference between the brews'....'Yes different kits' very simple really.
Do you have a question that you didnt answer yourself.


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there is your problem you got a rat in the airlock instead of a kitten :lol:

Ok all airlock jokes aside, Try to rouse it up by raising the temp (although looks like you dont have temp control) The yeast might of been shot you pitched so it may not kick back off. In that case you may need to pitch more yeast.

Yeah what actually went into the brew will make it heaps easier to say what the problem might be.

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