Fergi,s Pale Ale Is A Ripper

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well guys i have been sampling my last pale ale and i reckon its a beuty,so i think i will post what i did to it ,

coopers pale ale 1 can
1kg dried light malt
200 grms dark brown sugar
15 g cluster hops boiled for 1 minute then pressed in a coffee press to get liquid
and added to secondry
sg 1046
fg 1012
fermented for 4 days at 18/20 deg
racked for 11 days
pitched yeast at 22 deg,,rehydrated
water volume was 21 litres
bottled for 5 weeks

comments,this pale ale is absoloutly fantastic
ps.the only thing i will try next time is to use a liquid yeast ,we will see then how much difference this makes,

cheers fergi

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