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Hi dudes. Just bottled my Blatant Ripoff Pacific Ale the other day. Tasting pretty good and I presume it'll get better with a week in the bottle out of the fridge and week in the bottle in the fridge.

Going for a second batch next Sunday, thinking a Cascade IPA. Based on my own thoughts and discussion on the American IPA thread I've come up with the following recipe. Bit nervous about what someone was saying about cascade not working well as a late hop in an IPA. Thought I'd like it if it's the main hop in SNPA and LCPA. Anyway, feedback on this would be appreciated.

Name: Cascade SHIPA
Style: American IPA
Batch Size: 23L
Boil Volume 10L (@1.040)
Anticipated IBU: 56
Anticipated OG: 1.062
Anticipated FG: 1.015
Anticipated ABV: 6.2%
Anticipated colour (SRM): 9.9

Coopers LME (Light) 3.0kg
Briess LME (Munich) 1.5kg
Candi Sugar (Amber) 0.2kg
Cascade 7.1% 35g 60min 28.5IBU
Cascade 7.1% 60g 15min 17.8IBU
Cascade 7.1% 60g 5min 9.3IBU
Cascade 7.1% 50g 0min 0IBU
Brewbrite or Whirlfloc
US-05 @ 18-22C

As I mentioned in the other thread the candi sugar is for the effect on colour and to provide more malt sweetness to balance the hops. I like AIPAs that have a good balance despite the high IBUs, even though I do frickin love hops.

Advice from those more experienced than I would be great.




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Hey Drew

Does Candi sugar act differently to other sugars? I have used Dark Brown and Demerara sugars in my brew and whereas they deliver a different flavour profile (slight) they do not result in any residual sweetness, (I'm not sure if your saying that though). I would use a specialty grain to do that, but you have plenty of malt in there anyway.

I like the idea of a single hoped Cascade brew, never done one but I have 90g fresh in the freezer and might look at one to compare with my single hoped Galaxy brews. Mine will be an APA though, that's all I have done is moving away from kits and my first IPA will be a variant on my (St)ella APA.