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I went on a tour of u-brew-it today, with a mate who's getting into kegging and 'home'brew through that method...

I got to admit I was pretty much impressed with the range of beers and the processes and service.

we didn't do a brew today but i'm considering it... I know it's not 'home' brew as it's done elsewhere.

It's not that cheap but as a novelty I think i'll have a go.

A couple of things got me intrigued and it's worth asking you informed lot.

They say they carb in 6 minutes (in a special 60L tall keg) and i didn't see any shaking methods... how do they do this? is it just massive pressure?

Also they had 44gallon drums of liquid malt (coopers and other brands) which got me thinking. I'd never get through a 44, but has anyone ever seen 5 gallon drums available to the home brewer?

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