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EOI - Complete Kegerator setup - Sydney / Lane Cove

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by joshF, 27/5/19.


  1. joshF

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    Posted 27/5/19
    Hi guys,
    I haven't done any brewing in almost 9 months and am also moving out of my house this week so am looking at expressions of interest in my complete keg setup. Failing that it will just go into storage.

    1 x Kegmaster S3 with upgraded control unit (Temp goes to -2)
    3 x Cornelius Kegs with quality GMB disconnects, new seals/o-rings
    1 x Triple Hoshizaki Lancer Cobra Font (Flood option)
    3 x Perlick 650SS flow control taps (Near-new condition)
    1 x Brumby Tap (Near new, only ever used for Soda water)
    1 x Andale D.A Tap
    1 x Guinness Tap
    2 x Harris 601 Regulators (1 is brand new and unused)
    1 x 4.5kg MyKegOnLegs Co2 Bottle
    1 x DIY Stirplate (Digital Homebrew)
    1 x STC-1000 with Stainless temperature probe
    1 x Circular Fermenting Fridge (State of Origin promo fridge with stickers removed)
    1 x IKEA trolley frame (I had previously used this for brewdays with my braumeister)
    3 x Plastic Fermenters (1 x Coopers Brand, 1 x Betterbottle brand, 1 x basic muntons brand)
    Plus a heap of stainless fittings, cleaning/sanitising products, refractometer, hydrometer, adaptors, erlenmeyers flasks, old tap handles (boags & tooheys new), tap service kits, tap badges/decals etc.

    I'll upload photos as I go through them and find any more stuff.

    All up this stuff has cost me thousands. I would very much prefer to sell everything as a package hence why this is an expression of interest at this stage. Please don't ask me to sell 1 Boags tap handle and ship it to far north queensland.

    PM me if interested. Serious local buyers only please.


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  2. joolbag


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    Posted 20/6/19
    Hey mate did this go into storage? I'm juggling the idea of getting a kegging system. Been brewing and bottling for just over 3 years and I think i can make space for the kegerator now that I have sold my boat!

    Let me know,


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