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Hi guys,

So I brewed a DIPA (8.4%) a few weeks back, it's a bit unusual as I used about 1.8kg of fresh/wet Hallertau hops from my mates garden, not your typical hop for an IPA I wouldn't think..

So the hop schedule went like this;
  • 25g Citra @ FWH
  • 250g Hallertau @ 20mins
  • 250g Hallertau @ 15mins
  • 250g Hallertau @ 15mins
  • 250g Hallertau @ 5mins
  • 800g Hallertau @ Whirlpool
  • 25g Amarillo @ Cube Hop
  • 20g Centennial @ Cube Hop
  • 50g Idaho 7 @ Dry Hop
I crash chilled, transferred to keg (with gelatin) and left it to carbonate. So upon tasting it there seems to be a good amount of that initial bitterness balanced against the high ABV. I'm really happy with the body and the bitterness, it has a noble/earthy flavour about it and whilst I want to maintain that it would be nice to get a little more citrus/flower in there. What's disappointing is the aroma, there practically isn't any, I mainly attribute that to the small dry hop I did (for the style).

So, I've pulled the keg out of refrigeration, it's currently sitting at about 15 degrees. I was thinking of adding a second bigger dry hop to this, the reason for raising the temperature is to ensure I dry hop close to fermenting temps to get the fruit/flower aromas and not to pull the grassy/vegetable notes as can happen with dry hopping at serving temps.

I have an idea of what I was planning to do (in terms of hops/amounts) but before I mention that I'm curious to see what others would suggest in order to achieve the outcome I'm looking for.. penny for your thoughts?


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