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dry hop.. or not to dry hop

Discussion in 'Kits & Extracts' started by muddyriverbrewer, 15/11/19.


  1. muddyriverbrewer


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    Posted 15/11/19
    Hi Brains trust, started out playing with a 50 lashes type beer in mind. Using what I had laying around I ended up with the following;

    1x Coopers Aussie Pale can
    1x BE2
    150g Crystal medium grain, cracked and boiled (5l water) for approx 60mins
    25g Amarillo @ 30 mins
    25g Amarillo @ flame out and steeped for 30mins
    Strained everything added to brew container with US-05 yeast (not re-hydrated).
    OG was a little low at around 1034 in 23L
    Brewing happily at 18deg for the last 5 days and I expect that there's around another maybe 5 days until I reach FG.

    Now according to beer designer the hops will be a little low and I've been enjoying some XPA's lately so I think I will have a crack at dry hopping. I still have 50g of Amarillo and was tossing up between the following;
    1. making a tea with another 25-30g of Amarillo and adding to brew.
    2. throwing 25-30g Amarillo straight into the brew.

    What are peoples thoughts on the final result?
    Will the pale beer have enough body to carry the extra hops, or am I wasting my time?
  2. wide eyed and legless

    Pro Pro

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    Mulgrave Victoria
    Posted 15/11/19
    Give it a try and see I put my dry hops in a tea bag you can buy off eBay, easier to get a clear beer afterwards.
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