Drunken Pigeons Wreak Havoc

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I've heard stories about drunk koalas, but never heard of drunk pigeons :lol:


Drunken pigeons wreak havoc

Drunken wood pigeons have been causing headaches for bird rescue staff in Whangarei, with about 30 birds having to be rescued in the last couple of months.

Robyn Webb from the Whangarei Native Bird Rescue Centre said the kereru had been eating guava berries, which fermented in their crops, causing them to become intoxicated.

"This year there hasn't been much food in the forest, so the birds have been coming into town to gorge on the ripe berries here, she told NZPA.

"The problem is they are vulnerable to more predators, like cats and dogs."

The centre had fielded many calls from members of the public, who had found "lethargic" kereru sitting on the ground after falling out of trees or bumping into windows while under the influence.

Most stayed in the "de-tox" centre for a couple of days before being returned to the spot where they were found.

"This is important because they have partners and families," Mrs Webb said.

Others, which had sustained injuries from falls or predators, could be held for longer, she said.

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