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Had an urge to put a brew down 2day as I had a recultured CPA yeast ready to go. LHBS was closed so went through my kit and decided on a BIAB using 5kg JW pilsner, 400g JW pale crystal(vienna),200g med crystal, 300g malted wheat. Mashed at 66c for 90mins, in 33litres. No sparge. Ended up with 29litre pre boil. Only had POR and Amirillo on hand. Decided to stay away from the por but only had 60 g Amirillo. Used 30g at 60, 20g at 25,Irish moss at 10, 10g at flameout. As said, using a CPA yeast. Currently sitting in fridge at 17c. Dont really know what ive made here. Post boil came out at 26 litres @ 1054. Tastes a little mellower than my usual ales- not too bad though. Time will tell.


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you made your beer. I do this a few times a year to get rid of hops I made a IPA I am drinking now with saphire, cascade or Nelson sav (not sure what it was the sticker feel off and I hadnt updated my amount records for a while) and willemette.

To my surprise it is very tasty I only done 30 min, 10min and flame out additions and I think I used 50g each of saphire,ns on each addition and 20g willemette on each but think flameout had 30g :p oh also had some saphire left so threw half a hand full in the fermenter (how much i dunno scales had flat battery)