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(Because some people were interested I started a new thread on this as the other one was a bit messy, so please keep it on topic :D )

I finally got around to brewing this last night and it was my third brew on the 3V herms. Must have been third time lucky as I had no problems at all, (pump didnt fail) and I hit all my targets spot on.

Only problem I did have is that my 2 litre DME starter was still active so I couldn't let it seperate out to pour off the beer so had to pitch the whole thing. Hopefully the extra 2 litres into a 19 litre batch won't efect the overall taste too much.

I used Belgian Dark candi syrup instead of sugar, as I had an order coming from Nev anyway and he sells it. I poured my 2 cups of wort into a jug with the syrup to thin out the syrup and then tipped this into my blender with the raisons, and munched that shit up good.

I used Halertau as I couldn't get any Vanguard for my aroma hops and added them at 10 mins after flameout and then whirlpooled. But dinner was ready so let it sit for a good 30 mins before draining via plate chiller to fermenter. Going on the taste of the wort I think that was a good move.

The wort had a very nice sweet toffee caramel sort of taste and Im looking forward to trying this when its done. If it turns out ok I will put it into the recipe DB

Raison D'etre
Recipe by Troy

Recipe Specs
Original Gravity Final Gravity Colour (SRM / EBC) Bitterness Alcohol by Volume

1.079 1.019 14.5 / 28.6 24.5 IBU 7.8%

Brewhouse Specs
Recipe Type Batch Size Boil Time Efficiency
All Grain 19.0 Litres 90.0 min 72.0%

Name SRM Percentage Amount
Pale Malt Grain 2.0 91.97 % 6.15 Kg
Candi Sugar, Dark Sugar 0.5 3.22 % 0.22 Kg
Crystal 60 Grain 60.0 3.22 % 0.22 Kg
Chocolate Grain 350.0 1.60 % 0.11 Kg


Name AA% Amount Use Time
Warrior 16.7% 12.00 g Boil 60 mins
Vanguard 5.0% 13.00 g Aroma 0 mins

MiscName Amount Use Time

Wyeast 3522 - Belgian Ardennes 75 % (2 litre starter)

Mash Steps
Mash In at 52C for 10 min
Raise to 67C for 90 minutes
Mash out at 76C for 10 mins

With 10 minutes left, add in the Candi Sugar and 150 grams of Pureed Golden Raisins (puree in blender with 2cups wort) Cool and ferment at 21C