Diy American Yeast Blend?

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Bribie G

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I've got myself into a "perfect storm" situation and need to pitch 4 Americans in the next 3 days to meet deadlines.

  • 2 batches of midnight train malt liquor (don't worry lads, will be bottled by case swap)
  • American amber
  • American wheat

I have a 500g schott bottle half full of US-05 cake (other half beer)
A swollen pack of Wyeast American Ale 2 which looks very viable as it swelled hard in 4 hours last night.

I have 1.5L of 1040 sterile wort.

I was thinking of doing a starter with 750ml and the American Ale 2
Then 24 hours later start the other 750ml with the US-05 cake as that takes on quicker.

Blend the two in a small plastic snap top container I use for starters, let them finish and drop out.

Pour off the liquid and divide the cake into 4

Pitch a quarter into each brew.

As the two yeasts are fairly closely related, anybody think of any problems? I'm pretty sure I can breed up enough from the 2 sources to get 4 brews going at 18.

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