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Hey guys, I have recently joined the Aussie forum to get an advanced knowledge of brewing

I have been brewing for a few years now but as i work away i have to time my brewing for bottling day in advance

I currently live in japan but work in australia so the availability of ingredients is hard to get at times

I normaly hire a car and drive down to TWOC(WA) for hops and yeast, fittings etc before i fly home

I am in the process of building an electric single tier brewery which i have been using as a gravity flow system

As im at work at the moment i have been buying up a parts list for the single tier setup and also a PID controlled HLT/Herms coil system

due to my new build and desire to make the best beer i can i have decided to Join Aussie Home Brewer

I have been sniffing around the forum for about a week and it seems like a great little community you have going here

My other interest is distillation which i have been practising for about 3 years and the two hobbies intermingle nicely.

So my brewery will be to make beer and wash

My all grain beers so far have been

:Arrogant bastard clone 7.2%

:Hefewiezen 5.0%abv

: IPA(which i made up myself ) got Diacetyl on this one :(( poor temp control)

:english brown 4.5%

: and my last brew was a Citra IPA which is bottle aging and awiting my return to Japan(Citra and centennial)(dry hopped Citra)1056 6.7%abv

before i moved to japan i was brewing extract kits until i got a real bad batch which made me want to look into how to brew beer propelry

I have been studying the beer process for about 3 years now and have a very good understanding of the process and owe a lot of my knowledge to the brewing network as i listen to all the episodes while im at work,home ,play

Thanks for sharing your knowledge in advance
and hopefully i can do the same to the newbies

I have attached a few images of my brewery and set up so far
and just finshed building my third temp controller also which i got off fleabay


the kettle.jpg

the brewery.jpg

english brown.jpg

temp controller.jpg

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